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13 Most Important Google Ranking Factors 2022

What are google ranking factors? How to rank higher on SERP? Which is the most important seo ranking factors 2022? These are the most commonly asked questions by seo experts and digital marketing professionals. In this blog we will clear all your doubts.

1. Core Web Vitals

Google itself has confirmed that Core Web Vitals is one of most important ranking factors. The main objective of this Core web vital update is to tell seo experts to improve their CLS, FID and LCP which in turn improves both your website ranking and user experience.

2. Secure Website

As per Moz and Backlinko, SSL certificate effects your ranking on google. Research shows that website with SSL certificate rank higher than website without SSL certificate. Researchers analysed around 1 million search result and came to the conclusion that HTTPS linked with higher and better ranking on the first page of the Google.

3. Structured URL

URLs matter the most. URLs are one the top-ranking factors or we can say on page seo factors in Google. PageRank update is to advise the seo experts to optimize their URL in a structured way as Google checks the value and authority of your page and how relevant it with the search query.

4. Page Speed

Page speed is another very important google ranking factor 2022. Page speed affects your ranking directly and indirectly. It increases your bounce rate and reduces the user stay time.

5. High Quality Content

We all have read the fact that Content is kind and it actually is. When we talk about Google ranking factors, genuine and user-friendly content is something which we can’t afford to miss. Your website is all about content. Content tells your user about your product or brand. It is content which makes your website worth watching. If your website has good quality content then google will rank it higher in the SERP.

Backlinks are most important off page seo factors. If your site has good number of backlinks from good authority sites then your chances to rank higher on google increases. Websites having better quality links have good ranking.

7. Title and header tags

As per many surveys by Digital marketing experts, we can conclude that Title tags are one of the top 5 ranking factors google. The more relevant your title is, the more users and clicks you will get on your website

8. User Experience (RankBrain)

User experience is one of the Top 3 ranking factors google. If google thinks that your website users are not engaging with your content then google will not give good ranking to your website. Having good user experience is must. RankBrain is one of the most important updates of Google which checks the user experience.

9. Image alt-text

Image alt-text is as important as other google ranking factors. Alt text is considered as a very important ranking factor of google. It is an alternative version of your image text which helps the google and users to get a clear understanding of your image.

10. Main keyword in H1 Tag

It is must to have your main keyword in H1 Tag. Google checks it and gives you ranking on this behalf. If the keyword which you are targeting is not in the H1 tag then it will definitely affect your ranking

11. Use of AMP

In 2021, google confirmed that AMP is not a ranking factor but it is interrelated with other ranking factors of Google. Google created AMP which is a HTML framework that assists the desktop in optimizing sites providing fast mobile versions of webpages.

12. Canonical Tag

No one can deny the fact that rel=”canonical tag is direct google ranking factor. Canonicalization has a confirm relation with search engine rankings.

What is an SEO ranking checker?

SEO ranking checker is a seo tool which scans the website pages and detect any seo issue and technical errors which can have a negative effect on SERP

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By reading the above test, we can assume that Top 3 ranking factors google are:

  • User experience
  • Content is King
  • Mobile usability

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