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11 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives 2021

Grammarly is a tool which is used widely for checking plagiarism and grammar. Through this article on Top 10 grammarly alternative, we will tell you about the best grammarly free alternative which offers you multiple writing styles, syntax, vocabulary,  and suggestions for grammar.

1) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the best Grammarly alternative which is available in a very affordable price. This top tool allows you to check plagiarism, readability and issues related to the grammar. 

Key Features: 

  • Provide a very detailed report on all grammatical errors
  • This tool has a readability analysis which permits you to check how easily you can understand and read your draft. 
  • Offers a thesaurus for word idea
  • Supports Windows devices
  • With the help of ProWritingAid tool, you can easily Integrate with Gmail, Google Chrome, MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office,  etc.

2. Ginger:

Ginger is another top grammarly free tool which gives you facility to  correct grammar mistakes, write correct English and spelling.

Key Features:

  • Ginger gives you permission for contextual  correction of spellings
  • Also correct and check Grammarly mistakes related to agreement, verb and Subject  
  • It Misused words correction
  • With the very easy, you can correct the written texts 

3) Scribendi: is in number 3rd in our list of top grammarly alternative. This tool is similar to grammarly tools which are mentioned above. Below are the features of Scribendi:

Key Features: 

  • Scribendi offers Proofreading service especially for the students.
  • Offers Essay editing facility.
  • Improve the corporate material.
  • Allows you to check grammar for editing the document.
  • Brochure and Manual correction 

4) After The Deadline:

After the Deadline is one of the top grammarly free alternative which assists everyone to check the errors and at the same time provides suggestions for the same.

Key Features: 

  • After The Deadline provides an open-source code
  • Offers a very advanced style checking
  • Contextual spelling check
  • have feature to detect the Misused words 
  • Check the Grammar 
  • Show errors with explanation

5) Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway App is another sites like grammarly which is also a writing tool but does not allows you to correct the mistakes.

Key Features: 

  • Check the complex sentences 
  • Suggests the techniques for fixing the complex sentences. 
  • Highlights tricky words, lengthy sentences, and passive voice, 
  • Make highlighted words very easy to change and find.
  • Offers details which includes paragraphs, reading time, reading level, etc.

6) Writefull:

Writefull offers very fast feedback on your writing by looking into your text against huge databases of languages including Google Scholar, Google News, Google Books and others.

Key Features: 

  • Gives you facility of hearing text pronounced
  • Finding out common words which are used in the article
  • Find out the synonyms of the particular given word
  • Assist you for translating your text into the English language

7) Slick Write:

Slick Write provides numerous integrated options with multiple features of proofreading the content, check the grammar and plagiarism, etc. 

Key Features: 

  • Show key Statistics
  • Prepositional Phrase Index
  • Permits you to find out the Readability Index
  • The flow of your word length, sentence length and content structure 

8) PaperRater:

PaperRater is a software which provides spelling, action and grammar check. With the help of this best grammarly free alternative you can easily check the plagiarism of the content. 

Key Features: 

  • Spelling check 
  • Allows you to check Grammar 
  • Plagiarism check Integrated into proofreader
  • Shows you ad-free results
  • Gives 100% accurate suggestions of writing 

9) Online Correction:

Online Correction tool assists you to check the errors in spellings and also Proofread and highlights many style-related and grammatical mistakes. 

Key Features: 

  • Check Grammar 
  • Check spelling errors
  • Gives Stylistic hints
  • Find out the stylistic issues
  • Do Auto-correction
  • Provides suggestions for vocabulary and sentence construction

10) Virtual Writing:

Another  websites like grammarly is Virtual Writing grammarly free alternative which is usually used by the writers, bloggers and many other professionals. 

Key Features: 

  • Enrich and Checks vocabulary
  • Field-related vocabulary
  • Target the structures
  • Offers Grammar error correction games

11. WhiteSmoke:

Last but not the least!  We have WhiteSmoke on our list which allows you to rebuilding the ground up for improving performance and offering extra information regarding error.

Key Features:

  • The tool allows you for identifying hundreds of errors which are undetected.
  • User experience and redesigned layout and for increasing the efficiency.

The Tech Learn has mentioned top 11 grammarly alternative for you.  There are so many apps like grammarly which are available in the market to make your work easy and simply. For more information on websites like grammarly, keep visiting us.

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