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Top 20 DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

The Tech Learn has comprised a list of top 20 DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2021. These are commonly asked DevOps Interview Questions. If you here with a purpose to prepare yourself for your interview session then The Tech Learn assures you to provide the best up-to-date Azure DevOps Interview Questions for freshers and experienced.

  1. Write some popular DevOps tools?

    Some of the most popular DevOps tools are as follows:
    • Puppet
    • Chef
    • Docker
    • Git
    • Ansible
    • Jenkins
    • Selenium

  2. Write the different phases in DevOps?

    The difference phases in DevOps are given below:
    • Monitor
    • Test
    • Integrate
    • Deploy
    • Code
    • Build
    • Operate
    • Plan

  3. Write some of the Technical benefits of DevOps:

    The Technical benefits of DevOps are mentioned below:
    • Early detection and faster correction of defects
    • Less complex problems to manage
    • Continuous software delivery

  4. Write some of the Business benefits of DevOps.

    The Business benefits of DevOps are mentioned below:
    • Faster delivery of features
    • Better collaboration and communication between the teams
    • Stable operating environments

  5. Mention some role of AWS in DevOps?

    AWS has many roles in DevOps which are listed below:
    • Flexible services
    • Secure.
    • Built for scale
    • Automation
    • Large partner ecosystem

  6. Write three vital DevOps KPIs

    The three important KPIs are as follows:
    • Meantime to failure recovery
    • Percentage of failed deployments
    • Deployment frequency

  7. Which CLI commands is used to rename files?

    We can use git mv commands to rename files in DevOps.

  8. What do you know about DevOps?

    DevOps means development and operations which is a software development phrase, usually supports to mean a kind of agile connection between IT operations and development.

  9. What does CAMS in DevOps mean?

    CAMS is usually used for explaining the core creeds of DevOps methodology. CAMS stand for Culture Automation Measurement Sharing.

  10. What is the basic premise of DevOps?

    DevOps is known as a cultural shift in which an operation and collaboration team work together during the service or product life cycle.

  11. Which methodology is DevOps associated to?

    DevOps is associated to Agile methodology.

  12. Write the priorities in DevOps?

    The priorities in DevOps are teamwork, communication and resource management.

  13. Write are the advantages of Git?

    Git has the following benefits:
    • Data replication and redundancy
    • Highly available
    • Helps in collaboration
    • Used for projects
    • It uses only one Git directory per repository
    • Helps in disk utilization
    • Provide higher network performance

  14. What is Git rebase?

    It is a command which is intended for integrating the changes from one branch to another branch.

  15. What are the benefits of Ansible tool?

    The advantages of the Ansible tool are:
    • Task automation
    • Application deployment
    • Configuration management

  16. Define continuous integration?

    Continuous integration is a feature which saves time and responsible for job building. It is also known as the continuous delivery pipeline which includes functions of test, build, release and deploy.

  17. Write the essential operations of DevOps in terms of infrastructure and development

    The essential operations of DevOps in terms of infrastructure and development are as follows:
    • Code coverage
    • Configuration
    • Orchestration
    • Provisioning
    • Unit testing
    • Application development
    • Deployment
    • Packaging
    • Code developing

  18. Write various important elements of continuous testing?

    Various important elements of continuous testing are as follows:
    • Risk assessment
    • Advanced analysis
    • Policy analysis
    • Service virtualization
    • Requirement traceability
    • Test optimization

  19. What are the different KPIs used to gauge DevOps success?

    The different KPIs are written below:
    • Customer tickets
    • Availability
    • Deployment time
    • Error rates
    • Application usage and traffic
    • Failed deployments
    • Lead time
    • The automated test pass percentage
    • Deployment frequency
    • Mean time to detection (MTTD)
    • Change volume
    • Meantime to recovery (MTTR)
    • Application performance
    • Defect escape rate

  20. Name some of the most-used DevOps tools?

    Listed below are the most-used DevOps tools:
    • Ansible
    • Selenium
    • Chef
    • Git
    • Jenkins
    • Puppet
    • Docker
    • Jira
    • Nagios

As per the latest technology demands, we will keep uploading more DevOps interview questions for 3 years’ experience and fresher’s. If you want the most recommended question to crack your interview in 1st try then keep checking us.

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