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Best Free Video Editing Software in 2021

Are you a videohollic? If you are searching for best free video online editor software to edit video easily and faster than you are at the right place! This blog has summed up the top free video online editing software which will give an animation effect to your videos. Once you will use these video online editor do not forget to recommend this blog to your mates.

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software

  1. OpenShot
  2. VSDC Free Video Editor
  3. Movie Maker 10
  4. Lightworks
  5. Shotcut
  6. Blender
  7. Quik
  8. Magisto
  9. Splice
  10. KineMaster

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1. OpenShot Video Editor Tool

OpenShot is one of the best simple video editor of the beginners. It’s very easy to use interface allows it to make it user friendly video editor tool for beginners. It has a in-built interface and nominal design.
Small businesses usually prefer OpenShot for rotation, trimming, resizing of the clips and snapping. This best video editor tool is available for Linux, MAC and Windows.
OpenShot has a very powerful key-frame animation abilities to create animated videos. This best video editing tool for beginner has audio tracks and background videos.

Some of the key specialty includes –
• Digital video effects
• Drag-and-drop functionality
• Limitless layers for watermarks

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC’s is another top free video editing software with so many features including very easy to use filters, social media links to share videos on Vimro, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram. This best video editing tool has an advanced video-compression standard (HEVC/H.265) which is responsible to manage the highest quality at min size of the file.
VSDC’s has both paid and free versions but free verision does not have much features as compared to the paid version. The best thing which makes it unique is its full video editing suits which consist a chroma key functionality which is used of green-screen video effects and a mask tool.
VSDC, the best free video online editor is available for Windows.

3. Movie Maker 10

A very useful and easy to use video editing software which is available for Windows at zero cost. Movie Maker 10 is a used to make edits in short video clips very quickly. This video editing software is available for Mac and have many specialties such as Auto preview tool to make effects and edits, animation table for adding credits, titles and music easily and quickly and to create customizable cuts in the video clips, an auto movie option is there.

4. Lightworks Video Editing Tool

Lightworks has a very high quality function to simply trim your video. With the help of this mostly used video editing tool you can easily optimize speed and can share real-time projects with having full access to edit and control. Lightworks allows you to share videos to Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube without spending much time and efforts.

This video editing software maintain a huge varities of video formats and a Multicam editing option is there to sync clips while using multiple cameras. Lightworks is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

5. Shotcut Video Editing Tool

Shotcut is avaiable for Linux, Windows and Mac at free of cost. This is a very popular cross platform and and an open source tool having huge collection of the tutorial videos. Formats like DNxHD, FFmpeg, ProRes and 4K are supported by Shotcut. Initially this top free video online editor was designed for Linux only.
This free video editing software has a multi-format timeline which to match and mix the frames and resolution rates. It has a facility of audio filters which includes bass and treble, balance, compressor and bandpass filters.

6. Blender

Blender is best online video editor which is totally free of cost. It has a 3D creation suite, path-tracer engine for accurate execution the animated objects. This professional video editing software has vast library of vingettes and visual effects. You will see many options for coding game login, to realistic kinematics advanced animations tools are also available.

This video editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Blender is one of the best free video online editor which is known for handling video masking which is a complex edit. It has an extensive feature which render the 3D animations and help model.

7. Quik

• Available for Android and iOS
• Capable for adding photos
• You can have Access to 100-plus royalty-free songs
• It has AI assistant for editing
• It has huge variety of emojis and fonts

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8. Magisto

• Available for Android and iOS
• Extensive collections of themes
• Auto cropping, filters, Facial recognition and effects
• You can download Unlimited HD movie

9. Splice

• Available for Android and iOS
• Ability to trim, cut, and crop your video clips and photos
• It has animation effect
• Free sound library is present
• Zoom and Pan effects for photos

10. KineMaster

• Available for Android and iOS
• Multiple layers of special effects, video, stickers, handwriting images and text
• Capable for adding voice changers, background music, sound effects and voice overs
• Able to edit and 4K 60 FPS video
• Have Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers

Whether you are searching for Best free video editing software for mobile or for desktops, this blog will end your search here. The Tech Learn has made it possible for you to make your videos more attractive and edit then easily by creating a comprehensive list of top free video online editors for beginners and professionals.

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