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15 BEST Automation Testing Tools 2021

There are numerous commercial and open-source automation tools are available in the market but which is the best automated testing tool 2021? As we know that the demand and requirement for automation in information technology field is increasing and due to this the need of automated software testing tool also increases.

In this blog, we are sharing Top 15 test automation tools which are highly recommended by the IT experts. You can select any of the below mentioned test automation tools as per your project requirement. We understand that selecting the best and right testing automation tools can be a bit complicated so we have made this easy for you by making a comprehensive list of automated testing tools with their key features.        

1. Kobiton: The Most Popular Automated Testing Tool

Key Features:

  • Scriptless capture
  • Execute automation
  • Scriptless generation
  • Artificial intelligence-assisted remediation
  • Seamless CI/CD integrations
  • Visual Validation & UX Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Automated crash detection
  • In-depth session reporting

2. TestProject: Mostly Proffered Test Automation Tool

Key Features:

  • No configurations
  • No complex setups
  • No coding or programming skills required.
  • You can reuse and share the addons with the entire team
  • Very Comprehensive report dashboards

 3. Ranorex: Worldwide Used Testing Automation Tool

Key Features:

  • Functional UI
  • You can perform end-to-end testing on mobile, web and desktop
  • Cross-browser testing
  • SAP application is present
  • Offers you Delphi and ERP applications.
  • Android and iOS
  • Robust reporting

4. Eggplant: An award-winning automated software testing tool  

Key Features:

  • This is an AI-powered automation which checks the technology as per the users’ viewpoint
  • Ensure scalable and responsive application experiences which increases the engagement
  • Enable test maintenance at scale
  • Fast-track the efforts of testing.

5. Subject7: One of the Top 5 automated testing tools      

Key Features:

  • Supports collaboration
  • Supports tracking
  • Supports project management
  • Integrates with Jenkins, JIRA and GitHub.
  • Non-metered pricing, Simple, delivering scalability/predictability, both financially and


6. TestComplete: GUI test automation tool

Key features:

  • Code or codeless test creation
  • Recognition Superior object with the help of AI and ML
  • Assist in testing enterprise applications such as Salesforce Oracle EBS and SAP
  • Run functional UI tests in parallel in the cloud or on your local machine for continuous testing and continuous delivery

7. LambdaTest: Most Preferred Tool for Software Testing


  • Very quick and seamless test execution.
  • For shortening the test cycles, Parallel test execution is present.
  • Users can perform geo location testing and testing of their locally hosted website.
  • Users can utilize various APIs to extract all data they need
  • Key languages and framework are supported.

 8. TestArchitect: A codeless test automation tool

Key Features:

  • Codeless automation which uses Action Based Testing for high reusability and less maintenance costs.
  • Intuitive spreadsheet IDE
  • Supported various platforms such as computer vision testing, mobile testing, cross-browser, desktop, API, etc.
  • Operating Systems: macOS, Linux, Androids, Windows & iOS

9. Parasoft Continuous Quality Suite: Best Software Testing Tool


  • AI-powered execution and test creation
  • Low-code application testing
  • Widespread dashboards for quality analysis and reporting
  • Integration with CI/CD pipeline
  • Agile DevOps workflows

10. QA Wolf: Test Automation Tool Used by Experts

Key Features:

  • Tests run in 100% parallel for fast results
  • Supports WebKit, Firefox, Chrome and Chromium
  • Integrations with Netlify and Vercel
  • Run on premise
  • Connect with OpenVPN

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 11. Selenium: An Open-Source Automation Tool

Key Features:

  • You can write Selenium test script in programming languages such as PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Perl.
  • Selenium offers record feature
  • Offers you playback feature
  • The powerful Selenium WebDriver supports you for building more advanced and complex automation scripts.

 12. Zephyr: Best selling test management tool

Key Features:

  • 1-click Integration with Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, Jenkins, and more
  • Server, Cloud & Data Center Deployment Options
  • Advanced Analytics
  • DevOps Dashboards
  • No need of Annual Commitment

13. Cerberus Testing: 100% Open-Source

Key Features:

  • Low-code library for Desktop, Mobile, Web, API and Database testing
  • Fast iterations between Reporting, Execution and Test Repository
  • Parallel Execution on local and remote testing farms
  • Continuous Testing with Campaign, Scheduler and CI/CD capabilities
  • Assistance for Monitoring and Web Performance

14. HP UFT (aka QTP): Leading Automation Testing Tool

Key Features:

  • VBScript is used as a scripting language.
  • The tool is tightly integrated with HP LoadRunner and HP ALM
  • Some of the distinguishing features of UFT include keyword driven framework, robust checkpoints, Business Process Testing, XML support and test results.

15. Watir: #1 Automated Testing Tool

Key Features:

  • Watir is pronounced as “water.”
  • It is an open source web automation testing tool.
  • Supports IE on Opera and Windows.
  • Ruby is used It is as a scripting language

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