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DBMS: Database Management System Applications, Example & Types

Through this blog, we will understand deeply about what is dbms, types, examples and many more. but before moving towards the database management system, let us see what is database? So basically, a group of data which are related to each other and signifies some features of the real world is known as database.

What is dbms in Computer?

The full form of dbms is database management system. Do you know what is dbms in computer? In simple words Database Management System is a software which retrieves and stores the data of users. DBMS has feature which gives permission to users for creating their database as per their need or requirement.

Do you know how it works? Let us explain you in easy way. The (DBMS) Database Management System receives request for data and accept it and accepting this request send by an application, dbms instructs the OS for delivering the particular data.

DBMS offers a interface between the software application and the data and it also assists third party software and users to retrieve and store data.

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Application of DBMS

There are many fields in which dbms is used. Railway Reservation System, application of dbms in airlines, Library Management System, Banking, Education Sector, Credit card transactions, application of dbms in agriculture, Social Media Sites, Telecommunications, Finance, Online Shopping, Human Resource Management, Application of dbms in banking, Manufacturing and many more fields are there in which database management system is used.

Mentioning some top applications of database management system for your better understanding:

Banking: Applications of dbms in banking is very crucial as it is used to maintain client’s transaction details, withdrawal, loans and deposits activities, etc.

Airlines: Applications of dbms in Airlines is that it is they are used to maintain information on departure stats, arrival, details of reservation and navigations, etc.

Agriculture: Applications of dbms in Agriculture is to study and store their records and to maintain crop, machinery, and livestock

Types of DBMS

So many types of Databases are there which are highly in use. Let us read them below:

  • Network databases.
  • Hierarchical databases.
  • Object-oriented databases.
  • NoSQL databases.
  • Relational databases.
  • Graph databases.
  • database management system  
  • Document databases.
  • ER model databases.

Real Life Example of dbms

You will easily understand what is database management system by reading below few examples of dbms:

You must have heard or seen the database in university or schools which maintains different files for storing data. For storing data of each student there is a STUDENT FILE.  Another example of dbms is for storing and maintaining data of each course and syllabus, there is a separate COURSE FILE and SYLLABUS FILE.

In order to maintain information about each tutor, there is a TUTOR FILE and to store information about students’ grade and performance, there is a GRADE FILE.

 We hope after reading above example of database management system, this concept would be clear on your mind

Popular DBMS Software

  • MySQL
  • dBase
  • Oracle
  • LibreOffice Base
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft Access
  • SQLite

Characteristics of Database Management System

  • Offers security
  • Eliminates redundancy
  • Lining between data abstraction and programs
  • DBMS permits entities and relations among them for forming the tables.
  • It follows the concept of ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability).
  • DBMS supports multi-user environment

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