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Top 10 Free Virtual Machine Software (VMS)

A Virtual Machine is a software environment which surpass a computer system. The virtual machine software’s are kind of mimic computer designs which provides all those functionalities which are provided by physical computer

Here you will explore simplest virtual Machine for Mac, Linux, Windows which are both Free (open source) and paid (commercial) software. If you are a developer or an IT professional who is looking for the best Virtual Machine Software then we have handpicked the free vms or best virtual software for you.

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1. Virtualization Manager


  • This Virtualization Manager Operate virtual Machine across cloud, on-premises and hybrid.
  • Provides VMware log monitoring which has feature to increase the speed of troubleshooting.
  • Can easily be combined with the Hyper-V environment.
  • Check the work of Nutanix AHV.
  • The best virtual software offers predictive references.

2. VMware Fusion (Mac)


  • Free VMS Provides the feature of integration
  • User can easily connect with VMware vSphere which offers a platform which is cloud-based for virtualization.
  • With the help of this software virtual machine easily integrate with third-party software
  • Allows you to use NetWare, Linux, Windows, Solaris, and various operating systems on your Mac.

3. Hyper-V


  • This is one the best simplest virtual Machine which offers you to do hardware virtualization.
  • Hyper-V helps cloud-based platform.
  • Provides assistance for numerous Linux versions.
  • Assist you to run various virtual Machine.

4. V2 Cloud


  • Browser accessibility
  • Web client available on Mac & Windows
  • Fast performance
  • Best virtual software offers Technical support

5. Parallels Desktop


  • Provides assistance for and Mac OS High Sierra and Windows 10.
  • Offers supplementary tools which will support you to achieve your daily tasks.
  • Allow you to access power point, Excel, start menu etc.
  • Better-quality display for Windows Operating System.
  • Offers a new view mode which makes it easier to see the virtual machine.

6. VirtualBox


  • Allows you to change the window size.
  • Offers drag & drops functionality.
  •  Offers you the flexibility to operate any app on your PC.
  • Supported platform: OpenSolaris, Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

7. VMware Workstation


  • Allows numerous Operating systems which can easily run on Windows PC or Linux.
  • It will allow you to keep different privacy settings and network configurations for another PC that is virtual.
  • You can easily transfer data from and to the virtual machine to your PC
  • ‘Helpful Snapshot’ facility is there which supports in software testing.

8. Gnome Boxes


  • Supports you to look remote and local virtual systems.
  • Established your machine preferences
  • Monitor their performance.
  • Provides an easy and safe way for trying out new OS.
  • Gnome Boxes supports you to connect to a remote machine.

9. Boot Camp


  • Assists you for updating AMD graphics drivers for Windows in Boot Camp.
  • Supports you to use the same keyboard for Windows and Apple.
  • Install Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

10. Citrix Hypervisor


  • Provides modern digital workspace by offering desktops and apps from any cloud to any device.
  • It allows easy and secure for users to store, access, and collaborate on large files.
  • Allow users with boosted graphics assignments.
  • Support, Speed & Secure virtual environments.

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