25 Highest Paying IT Jobs in India 2022

Are you satisfied with your current job?  Are you getting enough salary to fulfil your needs? If you want to get a high paying job then you should move into information technology sector. Here we are listing top 25 jobs in IT 2022 which will be in demand for next coming years.

Let us have a look on below listed best IT jobs for you!

1. AI Specialist Is Top IT Job

When we talk about the top IT jobs in India than AI Specialist comes on the 1st number. Everyday we hear in news and internet that how artificial intelligence demand is increasing and every company is working on this.

The job openings for AI specialist in software companies, research centres of universities, IT/ITES companies and in big companies which are maintaining in-house AI groups will be very high.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientist is one of the highest paying it job in 2022. Data scientists are responsible for gathering business, market and customer data from multiple sources to interpret, process and analyze.

The job openings for Data Scientists will be very high in financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, academics and IT/ITES, e-commerce.

3. Robotics Engineer

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Robotic engineers is expected to grow by 30 percent through 2022. They are professionals in robotic fields and their job role is designing, testing and building the robots.

The job openings for Robotic Engineers will be very high in private robot manufacturers, space and military programs

4. Data Analysts

Data Analysts are experts who process, collect and performs the arithmetic studies of data and show it in manners which are both efficient and actionable. This is one of top it jobs in demand with a high salary package.

The job openings for Data Analysts will be very high in consulting, finance, manufacturing, government, pharmaceuticals and education field.

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5. Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Developers are web developers and computer programmers who are expert in both back end (server-side) and front end (the user-side) coding. Experts says that by 2022 the demand for Full Stack Engineers will increase by 30%.

The job openings for Full Stack Developer will be very high in digital marketing companies, financial service companies and software companies.

7. Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers are IT experts who manage and handle all the technical assignments related with Cloud Computing. Their main responsibility is to manage, plan, design, and monitoring cloud systems of a company.

The job openings for Cloud Engineer will be very high in IT companies who leverage and adopt softwares as an IaaS, SaaS and PaaS offerings.

8. Big data engineer

Organizations need individuals who can change big amounts of raw data into actionable material for decision-making, innovation and strategy-setting. The average salary for big data engineers is $163,250. The Big data engineer is one of the highest paying it jobs in 2022.

9. Information systems security manager

An information security manager protects an organization’s computers, networks and data against computer security breaches, viruses & hateful hacker attacks. There are massive jobs in IT for information system security managers with a high salary package.

9. Software engineer 

Software Engineer create and design engineering specs for both software and applications and their mean national salary is $125,750. This shows that in the next two years Software Engineers will be very much in demands.

10. Cybersecurity Specialist

As the name suggests, Cybersecurity Specialists are security experts who are responsible for taking care of the entire system/network security structure of a corporation.  With the increase in cybercrimes, the demand for Cybersecurity Specialists is also increasing.

The job openings for Cybersecurity Specialist will be very high in BFSI and IT companies

11. Mobile applications developer

You guys can assume the demand of Mobile application developer just by looking at your tablets or Phone. These are the IT pros who develops apps for famous platforms including Android and iOS. With a great expertise in coding along with the mobile development and mobile frameworks languages.

The demand of Mobile application developer in the IT industry is very high with an average salary is $146,500 and that’s why we considered it as best it jobs for freshers.

12. Applications architect

To become an Applications architect pro, one needs to have an outstanding planning skills and communication. Application architect is one of the highest paying IT jobs 2022 as every organization wants to hire them for improving apps or creating new apps.

Application architects earns a mean salary of $141,750. They are responsible for designing major features of apps.

13. Data architect

Data Architects translate the requirement of business into the oversee data storage and data base solutions. They are responsible for organizing the data. The Tech Learn considered data architect as the one of the top it jobs in India. These IT pros make complicated processes to make business strategies.

An average salary of Application architect is $141,250. Hence, this is called as one of the top IT jobs for freshers.

14. Database manager 

Database managers are the technical experts responsible for helping and maintaining the organizations database environment. This is knowns as one of the Top IT jobs in India as every company needs database managers to meet their business goals.

Big organizations demand database managers with expertise in managing big data with a starting salary of $133,500.

15. Data security analyst

Data Security analysts grab great attentions of big IT companies. Their main work is to understand network and computer security such as network protocols, firewall administration and encryption technologies. This most in demand IT job 2022 needs good communication skills as well as problem solving knowledge. By reading above paragraph you must have cleared vision that why this is one of highest paying IT jobs 2022 with an average salary of $129,000.

16. Senior web developer

Another highest paying IT jobs for freshers is Senior web developer whose main duty is to collect business needs and make specifications for web-based apps. They need developing experience on Ruby and PHP. In addition to experience of front-end development.

This most in demand IT job 2022 gives a good salary package of around $123,000. A web developer makes web properties more attractive and consistent.

17. Site reliability engineer 

For monitoring the performance of applications, firms hire Site reliability engineers with a good knowledge of code and applications. The role of engineers is one of the highest-paying IT jobs as they write coding just like other software developers. Basically, linking the gap between operations and development in production of applications.

Site reliability engineers works with the tech support team for supporting defects or tickets. They earn a mean national salary of 122,000.

18. Systems engineer 

The Technical infrastructure such a system hardware and software are supported by System engineer. In case of failing a system, they reconfigure and debug that particular system. As per the survey, this is the best it jobs for freshers.

A system engineer earns an average salary of $106,000. They must have good communication skills for translating technical information to the users.

19. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst are the IT pros whose duty is to analyze the current computer system of an organization. They are also responsible for making approvals to improve effectiveness and efficiency. This is one of the highest paying IT jobs 2022 with a good combination of business experience and IT knowledge.

Highly experience Computer System Analysts earn $88,740. The job opportunities in 2022 for these technical experts will increase more.  

20. Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer Hardware Engineer is the one who deals with components of Physical computer including routers, memory chips, circuit boards and processors. These are the pros who create new hardware and work with the physical nature of the technology.

With a good job demand in future and median salary of $114,600, Computer hardware engineer attains the tag of Top 20 IT jobs in demand for future

21. Machine Learning Professional

Machine Learning Professionals are considered as the very valuable and important assets to any organization. With the rise in AI technology, the demand for machine learning experts is also keep rising in the IT sector. Entry level can expect 5-7 lakhs per annum. Mid-level can expect a package of 15 lakhs per annum and Senior level earns 22 lakhs per annum. If you want to make a secure career in IT then this is the best job in IT for you.

22. IoT Solutions Architect

An IoT Solutions architect is responsible to develop practical uses and apps of internet of things technology. These are the professionals who basically works with sales people and engineers for simplifying process development. This is one of the highest paying jobs in IT.

23. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer is a major part of development team and operations team. This is one of the 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in India in 2022. Their main responsibility is to participate in network and deployment operations. They work on creating new applications. DevOps Engineers work with some common tools which are Git, Unix, Linux and Jenkins.

24. Blockchain Engineer

A Blockchain engineer usually work to implement and develop architectures and solutions which are similar to the blockchain technology. As we all know that digital payments are rising in India and therefore blockchain is the main and chief innovator in this sec

25. IT Trainer

If you are specialized in any particular skill in IT sector then this would be a boom for you. Now everyone is looking to upgrade their skills or learn new skills in IT sector. The craze of jobs in IT among youngsters is increasing so you can also work as a freelancer trainer in IT. Every organization needs corporate training to upgrade their employees’ skills so they hire a technical expert to deliver the training. Choosing a career as a IT Trainer will be an outstanding option for you.


This blog on Top IT Skills in demand 2022 is a must-read blog for freshers and working professionals. Here you will get to know top Highest Paying IT Jobs in India. If you find this blog useful then do share with your friends and help them in getting their dream job in IT.

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