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Top 25 Best Online Free Image Hosting Sites in 2022

An Image hosting site gives the permission to an individual for uploading pictures over a website. These sites then host your pictures or images over the internet. You must be happy to know that there are various websites which provide image hosting service free. Along with the Online free images hosting service, these sites will give you so many features like you can upload unlimited pics, edit your pic to make it more attractive, gives full privacy over your date, etc.

Let’s explore the list of Free image hosting sites:

1. Google Photos

The very first Image Hosting Site in our lists of image hosting sites is Google Photos:

  • Google photos allows an individual to take free back up of unlimited videos, and photos up to 16MP  
  • Assist you in managing phone storage
  • Let’s you to access your images from any device.
  • You can automatically see your images

Site Link:

2. Imgshare

With so many extra facilities and features, Imgshare has marked a special place in our list:

  • Easily handles the codes require for insertion.
  • The plugin can work in all website
  • Has a very user-editable content
  • You can easily upload images.
  •  It provides short links for the images you uploaded.

Site Link:

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3. Smugmug

Below mentioned are the features of our 3rd best free image hosting site i.e Smugmug:

  • Allows you to upload unlimited video and photo.
  • It is a hosted platform.
  • It has a very responsive design which can easily adjustable to monitors
  • Embed photos and videos on other websites
  • Assist you in using SEO tools

Site Link:

4. Flickr

You must have heard or used the Flickr website. One of the mostly used Image Hosting Sites by online researchers and highly experienced digital marketers:

  • Offer numerous categories for downloading videos.
  • Assists you to collect videos as per your camera types.
  • Allows sorting out videos easily by activity, name, newest, oldest, etc.

Site Link:

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5. Photoblog

Photoblog is often used by marketers as it has a responsive design and can be used by any user. Read out the below written features: 

  • With the help of Photoblog, one can start your blog within the minimum time.
  • It automatically inclines your other social media sites in your blog for driving traffic.

Site Link:

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6. Dropbox

Another free image hosting site is Dropbox which allows you to upload images easily very extensive features written below:

  • It provides you to sync your data very safely over any device.
  • Minimum size of file must be 50 GB or smaller than this.
  • Service is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and operating systems.
  • Allows you to take all your content at one place,
  • You will receive notification of progress updates.

Site Link:

7. iCloud

The Tech Learn personally recommends iCloud. It offers you numerous facilities which are already mentioned here:

  • Offers free iCloud storage of 5GB
  • 15 GB is File size uploading limit
  • Allow to work with many people at one time by inviting them through a link.
  • Helps you in collaborating with Notes, Keynotes, numbers and Pages.

Site Link:

8. 4shared

Digital marketers especially used 4shared. Its features make it unique and user friendly: 

  • Gives you feature of adding free download and sharing
  • Offers you cloud storage of 100 GB.
  • For maximum protection, it gives you feature of SSL data encryption

Site Link:

9. Imgbb

Imgbb is also one of the best and mostly used free image hosting sites which gives an user so many extra features:

  • Easily grip the codes necessary for insertion.
  • Assist you to paste and copy the plugin code.
  • Plugin works is accessible through any website having content easily editable by users.

Site Link:

10. ImageShack

Do not miss out reading the features of another top site in our free image hosting sites list

  • Allows you to share your pic very easily.
  • Gives you full control of privacy.
  • Upload quickly and
  • You can get any link type which you want.
  • It automatically syncs your data.

Site Link:

11. Imgur

Imgur has placed in top 11th position in our list of image hosting sites due to following reasons:

  • The interface of Imgur is very responsive
  • Very easy to use
  • Have feature of Phone verification.
  • Offers drag and drop upload feature
  • Reaction Auto expand and GIFs on Desktop.

Site Link:

Wait!! The list is not ended here. Many more images hosting websites 2022 are there with some common features such as uploading unlimited images, totally free of cost, offers the full security and privacy to your data, user-editable or friendly , responsive design which can e accessible through any device, etc. 

12. Freeimages


13. Imgbox


14. Cluster


15. PostImage


16. Free Image


17. Pexels


18. Deviantar


19. Unsplash


20. 500px


21. Pxhere


22. Pixabay


23. Imgbb


24. Photobucket


25. Zenfolio


If you are searching the best image hosting sites free then your search comes to an end here. The Tech Learn has made a comprehensive list of free image hosting sites with so many features and user-friendly designs.


  1. What is the best free image hosting site?

    Top 5 Best free image hosting sites are: 
    ·         Google Photos
    ·         Imgshare
    ·         Smugmug
    ·         Photoblog
    ·         Flickr

  2. What is the most user-friendly image hosting platform?

    Explore the most user-friendly image hosting platform listed below:
    ·         Imgur
    ·         Pxhere
    ·         Deviantar
    ·         Cluster
    ·         Freeimages
    ·         Imgbb

  3. How do I create a URL for an image

    ·         Go to the free image hosting website. After that you will see a ‘New Post’ button on the top left. Click on that button
    ·         Now drag or select the image from your system into the box
    ·         Give a suitable Title to your post or image.
    ·         There will be a ‘Hidden Button’ on the right side. Click on that button
    ·         Now you can see a unique URL given by free image hosting site for your image. 
    ·         Now click on ‘copy link” and share it with your friends

  4. Is Imgur free to use?

    Yes Imgur is free to use. Imgur offers you to host unlimited images without costing you a single penny.

  5. Where can I host Images for FREE?

    If you are looking for the best image hosting sites free then you must check our blog. Here you will see top 25 image hosting sites.

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