How to make a video from images

How to make a video from images?

Looking for a way to do video marketing but don’t want to face the camera? Are you planning to create promotional videos from images that you already have? Try a Picture Video Maker.
Videos have been dominating the content world in recent times. You may remember the old times when a couple of pictures were used for advertisement. Well, in the new age of catchy videos, not anymore!

What Is a Promo Video?

A promotional video or promo video is a video that intends to promote a particular marketing initiative, sale or event. Promos are very much like a teaser video as for their tone and style, grabbing the audience’s attention so that they get curious to know more.

Thanks to smartphones and video editing software editing tools, we have all the required tools to create and share spectacular video content. Now you can push your limits by creatively using these tools to send your brands to great heights. Making product videos may seem like a big task, so to help you begin, we have made a guide to take you through the process of making short, simple, and snappy videos that are sure to grab the attention of your target audience.

Let’s get started.

How to make a Video from images?

There is a set of steps that are to be followed always when you wish to create a video with any picture video maker tool. Keep reading to know more. So let’s dive in!

Steps to make a Video

  1. Make a script.
  2. Plan your vision on the storyboard.
  3. Select images.
  4. Add music and effects with images.
  5. Save and export your promo video.

Need to know more? Let’s get to the details-

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1. Choose your images.

You can begin with choosing graphics that enable you to easily impart essential information and can be used in a variety of ways. It’s always a good idea to plan what graphics you will use. Then you can plan your overall content by embedding them into your storyboard.

2. Set up transitions between images

Set up transitions between images

You can choose a picture video maker having a wide variety of transitions to select from. This causes still images to appear as if they are in motion. It is of great help when many images are used.

3. Select a Video Type

You can start the creation process after signing up. After deciding the type of video you want to create, choose the appropriate option to allow brand and customization.

You may want to watch the sample videos to preview the options and choose the best fit for your business.

4. Choose a Storyboard Template

Next, you need to choose if you wish to use a pre-built storyboard or start from scratch. Storyboard allows you to customize, add, delete, and switch video storyboards as per your need to spread awareness about your marketing. You have an option to choose from templates. Every storyboard consists of several images that stay on the screen for a moment.

5. Customize the Storyboard

After choosing a storyboard, you can move on to customizing and building your video story. It can be done by staying over each image to see icons that help you set the duration for which the image stays on the screen, recording a voice-over, editing text, and uploading a new image.

6. Add photos to the timeline

By clicking on the menu button under ‘Timeline’ at the bottom of the Shortcut window and selecting ‘Add video track’, you can begin the process of adding photos. Next, pick and drop a photo from your playlist to the timeline. Keep repeating the process for each of the photos that you plan to include.

7. Add Music and Sound Effects

Background scores and sound effects are very crucial for videos to be entertaining and captivating. It’s a very common mistake made by amateurs that they don’t pay attention to the scores and sound effects in their videos. This makes their video flat. An interesting and relevant sound effect will enhance the recall value and audience’s attention in your video.

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You will find various tracks and sound effects on the internet. It’s very crucial to make sure that you check whether they are royalty free or need to be purchased. You can even give a voice-over in the video.

8. Export your video

When you are finally happy with the video made with the images, it’s time to export it. We strongly suggest you save the file first in case you need to make any additional modifications in the future. Once it’s done, click on the export button , and you will find a range of options. We even recommend exporting the video in MP4 format so that the video can be accessed on all the devices without any issues, and you can upload it to  YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, wherever you want!

Summing it up

Most business owners know the importance of videos these days but may not have the budget to hire a team to produce quality promotional videos for them. This is where video maker tools come to the rescue. These tools help in creating promotional videos within minutes for free or at a very reasonable price.

Hopefully, this guide provided answers to all your questions on how to make promotional videos. We have not only provided steps that you should follow, but also some tips and advice on how to make effective videos. But we have also given you an introduction on how to do video. Now you just need to start, and you will be able to create scroll-stopping promotional videos easily!

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