Weather Channel on DirecTV

What Channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

How to watch weather channel on DirecTV? If you are someone who is always curious to know about today’s weather but have no idea how and from where to get the accurate information about the weather forecast then your search comes to an end here.

Let us first understand about the DirecTV? DirectTV is a very well-known streaming service in US (United States) and a satellite service provider. DirecTV serves varieties of channels such as news, movies, kids, sports, etc. It is also AT&T communications part.

Now the main concern here is that DirecTV offers number of channels due to which many of you doesn’t aware about the channel category and number of the weather channel on DirecTV but guess what? We will guide you what channel is the weather channel on DirecTV.

Weather Channel on DirecTv

If you an existing user of DirecTV then you must be familiar about those two weather channels on DirecTV which you can access to get info about the weather but if you are new user and have no idea then no worries! We will let you know in brief about the weather channel on DirecTV.

So basically, under channel 362, you can access the DirecTV Weather channel and under the channel 361, one can access the AccuWeather channelDirecTV.

Mr. SAM champion hosts the weather forecast show on DirecTV which is well renowned for its America’s morning Headquarter or we can say AHMQ. These two weather channels on DirecTV are more than sufficient to provide you the information about weather forecast.

Did DirecTV remove the Weather Channel?

Yes, you heard it right! In January 2014, The DirecTV removed the weather channels. This all happened due to an argument regarding an agreement. The authority of weather channel was asking for a pay rise from the DirecTV. During that time, weather channel used to get 13 percent per subscriber in one month. But DirecTV denied for the pay raise and removed the weather channel from the platform.

It was replaced by the AccuWeather which comes under the channel no. 361. The reason for this exchange has not been revealed by both yet. Mostly users preferred watching weather and news channels. As of Now, DirecTV is in bad terms. DirecTV was named as AT&T TV in 2019 but again in 2021, it was retitled DirecTV Stream. If this will happenthen we can say that DirecTV will definitely loose some regular subscribers who loves to watch the new and weather on this platform.

Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Do you know that DirecTV has more than 100 location channels? User must use these channels to grab weather forecast information. You can use your local zip code to check out the number of these weather channels.

You can also go through the official website of DirecTV for finding out the accessibility of such local stations. Another thing you can do it to install the weather apps to get more and faster updates about weather

What to Watch on The Weather Channel on DIRECTV?

The Weather channel on DirecTV is more like a documentary channel which lets you learn about weather forecast and that in a fun way. This channel shares the news related to the weather, analyses, entertainment, documentaries and live-studio show.

Let us check out some interesting shows of the weather channel programming:


Number one in our list is AMHQ. This is a perfect show related to the weather which prepares you for your day. AMHQ makes you aware about the day-to-day updates of weather with amazing graphics and outstanding meteorologicalproficiency to let you know about the weather in the very best way. AMHQ forecast between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. (ET) on the weekdays.

2. Weather Center Live

Weather Center Lives makes you stay up to date with all the recent weather updates. This channel gives you insightful and outstanding opinions of the weather of the day.Weather center lives forecast from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET) on the weekdays.

3. Top Ten

The Top Ten show shows the enormous force of climatologicalessentials and make us aware about how huge a power weather embraces upon our day to day lives. Here you will watch that how thelife-threatening weather conditions turns into big cyclones and how this destruction effects the life of a human being.

4. American Super/Natural

Perfect channel for the science lovers! American Super/Natural gives you information about the interesting stories about the miracles of science and atmospheric elements. Users loved to watch and hear this program a lot. You know what is best about the American Super/Natural Show? This show is being told or narrated by those who have lives and experienced such things in their life. If you love to hear about the science and weather then this is the best channel for you.


After reading above information about weather channels on DirecTV, The Tech Learn assumes that all those doubts in your mind regarding the directv weather channel have been cleared now.


  1. Did weather channel remove by the DirecTV?

    Yes, DirectV removed the weather channel in January 2014 but after a short period, weather channel was added back to the DireTV.

  2. What channel number on DirecTV is The Weather Channel?

    Channel no. 362 is the weather channel on DirecTV.

  3. What is the local weather channel on DirecTV?

    There are two national weather channels on DirecTV. Number 1 is channel 361 and number 2 is channel 362. Both the channels offer sufficient information about the local weather.

  4. How-to change zip code for weather channel on directv?

    ·         Select Antenna
    ·         Click on “Select” to entering the setup menu.
    ·         Now you can scroll down to “Zip Code”
    ·         Now when you will enter the zip code, it will be default replace the old one.

  5. Describe the Weather channel live stream 123tv

    The Weather channel is satellite TV channel and an American basic cable which comes under Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios whose headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia

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