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Top 10 Fake Email Generator 2022

There are numerous names of  fake mail generators such as Throwaway email generator, Disposal mail Generator and temporary mail generator. If you want to create a fake email id then you are at the right place. The Tech Learn has mentioned the top 10 fake email address generator.  



  • Provides fake email generation address by selecting a  domain and username.
  • Allows you for creating countless number of fake email ids.
  • Any domain name can be choose by the user.
  • With the help of this fake email generator, you can create fakemail in just 2 steps. 
  • This fake email address generator allows you to enjoy the services without any registration.

Price: Free

#2) Fake Mail Generator


  • Disposable email address can be create.
  • Receive and send emails.
  • This email generator has a country-specific domains.
  • You can easily create fake email addresses with the help of around 10 domain names. 
  • Allows you to use this without any registration.

Price: Free

#3) Email Generator


  • Allows you to generate email Id.
  • Fake email creation.
  • Email Generator offers 231 days of service time for emails.
  • Offers you to create a fake email id without any registration
  • Allows you to create an account.
  • Just with a single click you can create Temp email.

Price: Free

#4) YOPmail

Useful for protecting your email account from getting filled up with spam mail. This email id can be used anywhere for registration.


  • Allows you to create disposable email addresses.
  • This fake email generator stores your messages for 8 days.
  • Design a disposable id for every single user. 
  • An account already exists.
  • Auto-generated inbox.
  • Optional registration.
  • Password is not required.

Price: Free

#5) Throwawaymail


  • Create fake email ids.
  • Receive and send emails.
  • You can use your created email ids for the confirmation and signup emails.
  • You can create countless fake emails without registration.
  • Created email address will get come to an end in 48 hours. 

Price: Free

#6) Mailinator


  • Generates fake email address with ease. 
  • Creating and use fake email id without registration 
  • Offers Private domain.
  • You can share and use your fake email id with anyone or anywhere.
  • Auto-deleted emails after few hours.
  • Provides Upgrade options.
  • Offers Privacy options 
  • Offers storage plans.
  • Very easy and simple to use

Price: This fake email generator offers three subscription plans

– Personal plan: Free 

– Team Plus plan: 159 USD per month.

– Enterprise plan. Contact the company 

#7) Dispostable


  • Allows you to create unlimited fake email addresses
  • Provides amazing and user-interface.
  • Disposable has a clean and simple interface.
  • Can be easily used by beginners.

Price: Free

#8) GuerrillaMail


  • Easily generate fake email address.
  • Offers to send an email with 150 MB attached files. 
  • For Android devices, mobile app is there. 
  • Automatically erase received emails after 1 hour.
  • Generated email is valid for 60 minutes only.

Price: Free



  • Create fake email id 
  • Receive and send the emails.
  • Create a temporary email address with the validity for 10 minutes. 
  • fake email address generator allows you to reply, read and open the received email.
  • Generate unlimited email addresses.
  • Very easy and fast to use. 

Price: Free

#10) Trash Mail


  • Write an email, forward, and reply to any address.
  • Offers disposable email inbox.
  • Offers all standard mailbox features.
  • Offers SSL data encryption.
  • You can easily forward countless emails.
  • Send fake email without registration.

Price: Free


  1. Can I create a fake email address?

    So many fake email address generators are available over the internet. One can easily made a disposable email address with their Yahoo and Gmail account as well. But first you have to filter out all the spam emails which you have received till date.

  2. What is a good fake email?

    The Tech Learn has given a brief information about 10 Best Fake Email Generators which are mentioned below. Must check our blog for detailed info about each of them:
    • Fake Mail Generator
    • Email Generator
    • YOPmail
    • Throwawaymail
    • Mailinator
    • Dispostable
    • GuerrillaMail
    • Trash Mail

  3. Is using a fake email address illegal?

    Using a fake email id not illegal. Nowadays every second person has at least 1 fake email address which is totally ok. Make sure you do not use your fake email address for any spam or malware work. If you are not doing anything wrong then this is illegal.

  4. How do I create a temporary email?

    Below are the steps to create a temporary email address with fake mail generator:
    1. Sign in to your gmail account.
    2. Then move to your account page.
    3. Select the account.
    4. Now press on your name and personal info
    5. Now there will be an alias section.
    6. Press Add an Alias
    7. Press Save Changes

  5. How can I get a fake Gmail address?

    If you want to get a fake Gmail address, then there are so many fake mail generators are available. You can check our blog on best fake gmail address generators.

  6. How can I fake a date on an email?

    Follow these simple steps to fake a date on email.
    1. Right-click on the clock, In Windows 10
    2. Now select Adjust date/time.
    3. Change the date as per your choice or need.
    4. Press Okay.
    5. Now you can send your email.

  7. Does Gmail have disposable email addresses?

    Gmail doesn’t provide you anonymous disposable email addresses, but you can add a period anywhere in your email address, or append a plus sign to the end of your email and add any text you want after it to make a new email alias.

  8. Are fake email generators safe?

    Every email generator is different from each other in terms of validity for the message, features, services and email address provided by them. Always filter out the received emails first. You can use fake email generator extremely easy to use.

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