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Difference Between Java and Python: Java vs Python

Let us find out the key differences between Java and Python. In this blog, we will explore Java vs Python but before moving forward into differences, we will first understand in brief about both the programming languages.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most popular and globally used programming language which is used by back-end developers as a server-side language for their development projects.

Uses of Java

Java is mostly used for:

  • Desktop computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Games
  • Numerical computing
  • Android development and big data projects

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History of Java

Listed below, are major important benchmarks for Java programming language:

  1. Initially, java was known as OAK and it was created to handle the set-top boxes and portable devices.
  2. Sun changed the OAK name to Java in 1995 as Oak was a big failure and further Java was modified for taking benefits of expanding www development business.
  3. In 2009, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation and took the possession of 3 major software assets of Sun: Solaris, MySQL and Java.

Comparison Between JAVA and Python

Compiled + interpreted LanguageIt is an Interpreted Language
Statically typed programming languageIt is dynamically typed
Very few limited functions related to string are offered by JavaPython offers numerous string related functions.
Java offers a Complex learning curvePython is very easy to use and learn
It takes 10 lines of codePython needs only 2 lines of coding
Java is ideal for Embed Systems, Web application services and Desktop GUI appsPython is best for Machine learning apps, numeric and scientific computing.
Offers stable connectivityoffers weak connectivity

Java vs Python

  • Java runs slowly whereas python runs more faster than java.
  • Mallet,Deeplearning4j,Weka, MOA are java libraries and Pytorch, Tensorflow are python libraries.
  • Senty, Spring Boot, Android SDK, Docker are some top companies using java and CircleCI, Flask,Django, Pycharm, etc. are companies using Python.
  • JMonkeyEngine is Game Development Engines of Java and Cocos. Panda3d is Game Development Engines of Python.
  • Java is much more complex whereas Python is the ideal language for beginners.

What is Python

Python is one of the fastest and most famous programming languages which need very short lines of coding. Python emphasis is on simplicity and readability which is why it is an outstanding choice especially for the beginners. Learn more about python.

Uses of Python

Python is mostly used for 

  • Developing the websites
  • Developing the software
  • Task automation
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization

History of Python

Mentioned below are important benchmarks for Python programming language:

  • Python was 1stconsidered in 1980s and in December 1989, the first implementation of this language was started.
  • Python was discovered by Guido van Rossum in the Netherlands.
  • The first version of Python which is (0.9.0) published by Rossum in February 1999
  • Today, a core development team maintained the Python programming language by a core development team.

Here we have talked about the key differences between java and Python programming languages, history of python and java, uses of python and java and java vs python.

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