Rows Vs Columns

Difference Between Rows and Column: Rows Vs Columns

In this blog, we will find out the difference between row and column. Here we have mentioned the real like rows examples and column examples. Check out Row vs Column.

Row vs Column

An order in which objects are in horizontally or alongside is known as RowsWhen we vertically divide the objects as per category is known as column
The arrangement in rows starts from left to rightThe arrangement in Columnsstarts from top to bottom
Another main difference between row and column is that In the extreme right, Total is shown in Rows.In the extreme bottom, Total is shown in column.
Stub is the left part of the table explains the rowIn Columns vs Rows, Caption, the topmost part explains the Column.
Rows in DBMS, are defined as records which comprise fieldsColumnsin DBMS are defined as fields which has the group of characters
Horizontal arrays in a matrix are known as rowsVertical arrays are known as columns
Headings in rows are mainly defined by numbersHeadings in Column are mainly defined by alphabets

What is Row?

In simple words, a Row is when we arrange our data horizontally in a spreadsheet or a table. Row is a horizontal arrangement of the data, numbers,wordsand objects.

What is Column?

Let us understand now what is column? Simply when we place our data vertically in a table or a spreadsheet. A column is an arrangement of facts, words, figures, etc. We most separate columns from each other by the lines that help in enhancing attractiveness and readability

Key Differences Between Rows and Columns.

  • A series of data arrange horizontally manner in a table or spreadsheet is called Row whereas A column is a vertical series of cells in a spreadsheet, table and chart.
  • Rows placed from left to right but the Columns are placed from up to down.
  • In a table or spreadsheet like Google sheet, LibreOffice or MS Excel WPS, the heading of row is specified by numbers whereas In spreadsheet like LiberOfifce, excel column headings are represented by letters.
  • Total number of Row is arranged in right corner of the particular Row but The total numbers of the column are shown at the bottom.
  • You can define the Row as an order in which objects are placed alongside or horizontally. Row is also known as an order in which we placed objects horizontally. Based on the category, column is defined as a vertical division of an object.
  • The information such as names, gender, in the database are arranged in rows but in A column has information about the object you mentioned in the rows.
  • The horizontal arrays in a matrix is known as rows whereas in The vertical arrays in a matrix is known as columns.
  • Rows are also defined as the records which consists of fields, in DBMS but When columns have collection of characters, they are known as fields.
  • The outermost part of the table is known as the Row but The topmost part of the table which is known as a caption explains the column.

Here we have mentioned the real-life examples of Row:

  • So many people are sitting one after another.
  • Group of children sitting in a row.
  • Planting a row of trees alongside the bank of the river.
  • Children are sitting on the last row of the stalls.

Check out the real-life examples of the column:

  • Pillar in the back of a constructive building.
  • A frontage with the columns

Final words:

Rows and Columns both are equally important and plays a very significance role of any table, or spreadsheet in the terms of storing the data.  Row vs Column both are very important geometric arrangements which distinguish any set of data in terms of attributes.


  1. What is table row and column?

    A series of data placed in horizontal manner in a spreadsheet or table is known as a row. Whereas a series of data places in vertical manner in spreadsheet, table or chart is known as the column.

  2. What is the difference between row and column explain with example?

    Difference between row and column is that in Rows, you placed data horizontally while in column you placed data vertically.

  3. What is called row?

    A row is also known as tuple which in table indicates a single structured data item.

  4. What are columns called?

    A Column is also known as an Attribute which is structured data value vertically in a table.

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