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Best Companies For Learning Data Science

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1. Simplilearn – Masters in Data Science

Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading Data Science training and Certification providers. So, let’s get ready to expand your career with Data Science training. They have experienced top-class faculty. Here you will gain hands-on experience in various technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, SAS, R, Tableau and Python.

Fee – 49,999

Duration – 3 Months

Mode – Classroom and Online

Master Program Steps – 

Step 1: Data Science in Real life

Step 2: Statistics Essentials

Step 3: R Programming for Data Science

Step 4: Data Science with R

Step 5: Python for Data Science

Step 6: Data Science with Python

Step 7: Machine Learning

Step 8: Tableau

Step 9: Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer

Step 10: Data Science Capstone Project

2. Edureka – Data Scientist Masters Program

Edureka is another top demanding and trustworthy site to learn Data Science. Their Industry leaders will make you an expert in systems and tools which are usually used by Data Science Professionals. Their Data science Master’s Program include training on Tensorflow, Tableau, Python, Data Science, Statistics, Scala and Apache Spark. Edureka’s course curriculum provides you an outstanding mixture of practical and theoretical training.

Fee – 89,999

Duration – 150 hours

Mode – Online

3. Intellipaat – Data Science Course Online Training and Certification

Intellipaat help you gain expertise in Machine Learning algorithms, business analytics, data analysis, time-series analysis, R statistical computing, connecting R with Hadoop framework, K-Means Clustering and many more. Through their Data Science training and certification program, you will get hands on experience in numerous projects in the domains of entertainment, finance, e-commerce, etc

Fee – 28,000

Mode – Online, Classroom and Self-paced

4. Coursera

275,814 candidates have already enrolled in Coursera for the Data Science Training program. Their experienced instructors will cover all the major concepts and tools which an individual want throughout the whole data science career. After the completion of data science course, Coursera will provide you with a portfolio which validates your mastery of the full course.

5. Edx

EDx provides access to 2500+ online courses from around 140 top organizations. Here you will get Master’s degree in Data Science online from the top university. They are providing Master’s program at a very affordable price and discount as compared to the on-campus programs.

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