AWS vs Azure

AWS vs. Azure: Which Cloud Platform Is Better and Why?

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which was invented in 2006. AWS or Amazon web service provides more than 90 services which are connected to the infrastructure management, computing, databases, security and application development. Offices of AWS are located in total 16 locations.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

In 2008, Microsoft Azure was launched. Azure is a well-known cloud computing service which is provided by a worldwide system of Microsoft managed data centres. Azure services are offered in 3 ways which are mentioned below:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS).
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Which is better?AWS vs. Azure

Both AWS and Azure offers same services, many factors are there which makes these two technologies different from each other.  AWS bs Azure can be separated on the basis of features, revenue generation, adaptability and flexibility.

Market Share:

AWS has 31% Share while Azure has 11%share of the universal computing market.


Expedia, Novartis, Adobe, Yelp, Nokia, Airbnb, Netflix are customers of the AWS while Serko, Essar, Towers Watson, 3M, Pearson, NBC, etc. belongs to the Azure.

Type of Cloud:

AWS has (VPC)Virtual Private Cloud whereas Azure has Virtual network. Check Also – Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage.

Government Cloud:

AWS has government cloud offerings while Microsoft azure very limited reach for the same.


AWS hasmore established cloud atmosphere for the big data while Azure offers less mature environment.

Long term data archiving:

AWS offers Allows long term data retrieval and archiving whereas Azure does not offer this.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Advantages of Microsoft Azure are mentioned below:

  • Azure offers full support to the apps of Microsoft legacy.
  • Azure has one-click movement in numerous cases.
  • It offersassistance for Linux/Windowsenvironment.

Advantages of AWS

Advantages of AWS or Amazon Web Services are mentioned below:

  • AWSlets the selection of database, programming language&operating system.
  • AWS has inferiorpotential.
  • It offersa greater number of data centres for accessibility.
  • AWS has a very robust partner system.

Difference between Azure and AWS

Let us check out the major difference between Azure and AWS:

  • AWS or Amazon Web Services charges a user on an hourly basis but Microsoft has a per minute charge.
  • When we distinguish AWS and Azure on the basis of subscriptions, Azure offers more flexibility but also very expensive then AWS.
  • Microsoft Azure offers a better hybrid cloud support when we compare it with the AWS.
  • Amazon web servicesoffers direct connections whileMicrosoft Azure express offers routing.

Is AWS easier than Azure?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is very easy to learn in comparison with Microsoft Azure as AWS is simpler and offers a very innovative flow of the documentation. Also, the training material available online for AWS is better than Azure

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