VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Beginners Guide

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response Platform:

In this article we will get a brief learning about how Datashield is providing managed EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) developingAnalytical security cloud of Carbon Black and influencing the main Endpoint Detection & Response tool WHICH IS CB Defense

About VMware Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response platform is a risk hunting solution or you can say a set of security solutions which are cloud-based. Carbon Black offers diversity of endpoint attentive tool.

What is CB Defense?

Carbon Black EDR is designed especially for the Security Operations Center teams which an on-premises necessities and offline environment. There is a very prowerful tool at the centre of Carbon Black endpoint which is known as CB Defense.

Now let us look into some features of CB Defense:

  • It is responsible for securing the shell endpoint access.
  • A very powerful tool in a very affordable price.
  • It prevents streaming for detecting the attacks.
  • It has Open APIs
  • It has a dashboard which can easily be customized by the users. 
  • Offline and online attack avoidance

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Continuous Visibility:

VMware Carbon Black EDR visualizes and collects the vast information regarding the events of endpoint, providing visibility to the security professionals for their environment.

Scalable Hunting:

Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response Platform(EDR) mixes cloud-delivered risk intel and custom, integration and automated watchlists.

Rapid Response:

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response Platform (EDR) provides you the control respond in real time.

Carbon Black is one of the leading endpoint security tool which offers protection against malware and ransomware. It helps in simplifying incident response and threat hunting. This tool gives the same facilities which are provided by the premium tools.

Carbon Tool has many more useful tools available which are mentioned below:

CB Threat Hunter is an incident response and threat hunting tool.

CB LiveOps is the best tool for administrative and network management.

CB ThreatSight is used for the monitoring of triage. 

CB Defense especially designed EDR too for Vmware

CB Response is the best IR tool and threat hunting tool which is SOC-focused

CB Protection helps in Application control

Endpoint Detection and Response Service

Datashield has connected or we can say partnered with the Carbon Black as a complete MSSP partner which is offering benefits to the clients.

Here are a few of the benefits to a managed Carbon Black arrangement with Datashield:

There are counteless benefits to a managedCarbon Black arrangement with Datashield like having 24/7 eyes on warnings, whitelisting and Tuning of the environment and many more.

  • Effective access
  • Increased visibility
  • Understandingof thewell-being of the environment
  • Chasing how Carbon Black responds to incidents
  • Improving clientattentiveness of the endpoint action

Final Words

In this blog we have given complete information about the VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Detection and Response Platform, what is CB defense, features of VMware Carbon Black EDR and Endpoint Detection and Response Service

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