How to save to WhatsApp Status videos and Images

How to save to WhatsApp Status videos and Images

How to save whatsapp status?

More than 2 billion people use whatsapp to connect with their friends, family and colleagues. Whatsapp is used in more than 180 countries. Whatsapp messenger from Meta is a free app for messaging and video calling

Other social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, pinterest give us the option to copy and share the videos and photos links but whatsapp do not have this feature. Now here comes the question: how to save whatsapp status?

Why worry when The Tech Learn is here!  We will tell you the best app by which you can easily download and save whatsapp status on your device.

Save WhatsApp Status with WA Status Saver

Follow these simple steps to save whatsapp images and video on your phone.

  • Open the play store and search WA Status Saver. Here is the link of the app:
  • You need to allow the app to access media, photos and files on the device in order for the app to read the storage for collecting the whatsapp status images.
  • You can directly click on the link and download the app.
  • After downloading the app, all you have to do is open the whatsapp and view the status of your friends and family (whichever status you want to download just view it).
  • Now open the WA Status Saver and whosoever status you have seen will be downloaded on your phone. 

Isn’t it interesting? Just download the app and view the status to download whatsapp status on your phone.

All the seen statues will directly be accessible from the app. This is the easiest way to download whatsapp status

People having iPhone and androids must be thinking about how to save whatsapp status on iphone and how to save whatsapp status on android.  Whatsapp status server will work on all devices.

Save status Files manually with File Manager

Did you know that whatsapp itself saves the images and photos locally on the phone but the issue is that these images and videos will get erased after 24 hours. So here is how to save whatsapp status by using file manager.

  • View the whatsapp status which you wish to save in your phone. When you view the status, it will create a temporary copy of the status on the storage of your phone.
  • Now open the File Manager app and enable the “show hidden files”
  • Open the whatsapp folder and then click on internal storage.
  • Copy the videos or photos you want to download or save.
  • Now paste the copied data into a different folder.
  • Hurray!!!! The copied videos or photos will be stored forever in the folder where you have copied it.

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