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Best Free Video Downloader Tools

The Tech Learn is the most recommended online platform where you can download Facebook, YouTube and Instagram video free of cost. So, in this article we will share best free video downloader tools. If you want to download video then you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. For downloading Facebook/Instagram/YouTube video, simply copy the URL of the video which you want to download
  2. Then Paste that video link in input box and click on Download button.
  3. After that you can extract very high quality MP4 video links. Choose the quality of your video and proceed further.
  4. Now Tap on the 3 dots showing there, you will see a download option. Tap on “Download”. Guess what! You video is on your device now.

Note – These steps are valid to download video from all these three most using social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

The Tech Learn Offer 4 Free video download Tools

1. Facebook Video Download Free

There are many tools available on the internet through which you can download Facebook video online. The most famous is Facebook Video Download Online. If you want to download your video free of cost then you can use this tool. To download the video, follow the above-mentioned steps. Every device like Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows, etc. are supported by online Facebook video downloader. The main purpose for created Facebook video downloader is to meet the requirement of Facebook lovers who constantly demands to download the videos they watch on fb.

Key Features of Facebook Video Downloader

  • Free of cost
  • 100% Advertisement free
  • Let you download your favourite video in just some seconds
  • Recommended by Experts
  • Easy to use tool
  • 100% secure

2. YouTube Video Download Free

After learning how to download Facebook video online by using free tools now it’s time to learn about how to download YouTube Video online.

We all have a great fond of watching YouTube videos and then save it on our device but some of you don’t know how to save a YouTube video online but don’t worry, in this article we will teach you all the steps to download your beloved YouTube video online.

Over the web there are thousands on tools available. Some are paid and some are unpaid. We know that unpaid tools must be your first choice. So, the most preferred tool is YouTube Video Downloader Online. This tool allows you to download video free of cost. You can download very high quality MP4 format videos. All the formats of videos such as WEBM, MP4, MO, M4V, FLV, 3GP, MP3, WMV, etc. are supported by YouTube video downloader.

Some Key features of YouTube Video Downloader are:

  • Now download your chosen video free of cost
  • You can save video on your device in just 25 seconds.
  • It takes very less time.
  • 100% free tool.
  • Highly secure
  • Suggested by the experts

3. Instagram Video Download Free

Are you ready to learn about downloading Instagram video online without any hassle? If yes, then continue reading this article.

We can not deny with the fact that Instagram has highest popularity and number of users are continuously increasing and so the demand of downloading the videos from Instagram. Some Instagram accounts are not open account which means they are private so in this case you need to use some tools like “Instagram Private video downloader”.  You can download Instagram videos free of cost by using

Instagram Video Download Online. Now you can enjoy watching your preferred videos by saving it on your device just by following the steps which we have already shared above.

Key Features of Instagram Video Downloader

  • Allows you to download videos free.
  • Mobile accessible
  • No security concerns
  • Allows you to save video in just few seconds
  • Very easy to use

4. TikTok Video Download Free

There are hardly any people left without having TikTok on their phones. No matter which age groups you belong to. From a teenager to the old age, everyone is using TikTok. You can get an idea of the popularity by seeing the TikTok videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and mostly on WhatsApp status.

Do you want to convert Tiktok to Mp3? If yes then we highly recommend you to use TikTok Converter. This is a free and easy to use tool which download your video in high quality Mp3 format. Unlike other TikTok download apps, it does not ask you to download any other software and supports every kind of device.

Key Features of Free TikTok downloader

  • Allows you to download tiktok without a watermark.
  • Download video free of cost
  • Let you save unlimited videos on your device.
  • 100% secure and recommend by professionals.
  • 100% Mobile accessible

End words – This article is all about free video downloader from social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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