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How o Convert JPG to PDF Online?

Just follow these few steps and your image is ready in pdf format:

Step 1: Upload Your Image

  • Click on Upload files and choose the file from your pc.
  • Now you will get 3 options there: Page Size, Page Orientation and margin (as shown in the picture below).
  • If you want to avoid the above step then simply click on Convert to PDF and you file or image will be ready.

Step 2: Choose Option Page Size:

Once you upload your image, By default it will be placed in A4 sized pdf page but we have given you option to select page size which suits you the most.
Now it’s time to select your PAGE SIZE.

Step 3: Choose Page Orientation

By default, it will select auto detected page size. Depends on the dimension of your image. In case you the width of your image is larger than the height then jpg to pdf converter tool will recommend you the landscape page orientation. This page orientation option is given to you so that you can easily select a particular page orientation from the dropdown as per your need.

Step 4: Image Margin

The whole available space will be filled by image by default but in case if you wish to add a border of whitespace around your image then this feature will allow you to arrange either as a 1 inch (larger margin) or a (0.5 inch) small margin.

Reorder images

With the help of our jpg to pdf converter, you can easily reorder the pages by dragging your thumbnails to right location. You can add multiple pages or images by dragging files into the webpage.


How do I convert a JPG to PDF?

If you want to convert jpg to pdf online free then check our Converter JPG to PDF tool and download your image in pdf format just in few seconds.

Which PDF maker is best?

The Tech LearnJPG to PDF Converter tool is the best pdf maker. Just follow these above-mentioned steps to convert your file from jpg to pdf format online.

How do I convert to PDF for free?

We have the best online jpg to pdf converter. Use our tool for the conversion jpg to pdf images online for free of cost. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on upload images or simply drop and drag your file from your personal computer.
  • Not press on Convert to PDF and your images will be downloaded in pdf format.

How do I make multiple jpegs into one PDF?

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the JPG to PDF tool.
  2. Now drop your jpgs files in
  3. Its time to organize your images in a right manner
  4. To merge the images, Click(Create PDF Now)
  5. Now you can download your single document.