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ITIL: Certification, Uses & Versions

What Is ITIL?

Information Technology Infrastructure OR ITIL is known as a repository or library of volumes which we can labelled as the typical frameworks of best practices to deliver the IT services. ITIL consists of a set which has complete practices for the activities which are related to Information technology or IT. These activities include:

  • IT service management OR ITSM
  • IT asset management

The main objective of the above-mentioned activities to align the IT services with the need of customers and good business strategies.

The major aim of ITIL is of gaining the ideal value from IT services with an innovative, predictable and efficient service delivery.

Uses of ITIL

ITIL is essentially a set of practices which are basically used:

  • As a guide by the number of groups for increasing the worth of the services by resolving the problems of services.
  • Rather than just concentrating on solving the problems of business, its ads the value of business.
  • Information Technology Infrastructure is a framework which is used by the firms of all the missions and sizes.
  • ITIL assists in aligning the efforts to change the strategies of the business by preparing the service provider through a very strong capability model.

Different Versions of ITIL

ITIL: The very first version of ITIL is itself known as ITIL which was introduced at the end of 1980s

ITIL v2: That was the first time when there was a change in the ITIL version. ITIL v2 the second version was published in 2000.

ITIL v3: ITIL v3 is the 3rd version of ITIL which was published in 2007. The purpose behind introducing this version of ITIL is to make ITIL more user friendly.

ITIL 4: ITIL 4 is the most recent and current version of the ITIL which was published in February 19 by AXELOS

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Who Uses ITIL?

The speciality of ITIL is that it is designed in a way that any firm be it small or big, benefitted by the ITIL. It is expected that in coming times, we can see a lot of organizations adapting the ITIL.

  • Medium, Large and Small companies
  • Educational universities
  • Educationalinstitutions
  • Localgovernments
  • Stategovernments
  • National governments
  • Non-governmental organizations

Certification Levels of ITIL v3:

The5 certification levels for ITIL v3 are given below:

  • ITIL Practitioner
  • ITIL Master
  • ITIL Intermediate
  • ITIL Expert
  • ITIL v3 Foundation

There are 4 certification levels for ITIL 4 which are mentioned below:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Strategic Leader
  • ITIL Master
  • ITIL Managing Professional

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