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4 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Look For in 2021

The New Year is quite close and so is the celebration ideas of many. Some are planning to make it one of the most cherished days of the opening year while some desire it to be the simplest as possible. Do you know what marketers and social media experts are planning? They are looking for strategies to lead in 2020 to bring in more audience for their brand and build engagement.

Why do they need new strategies? Don’t they have one already? I know you guys have a bunch of ifs and buts going in your mind but let me get that one by one. 2020 was the year of digital marketing and gaining profits. Social media marketing strategies led by many brands in this year helped them become what they are now.

However, the only tragic thing about these strategies is that they evolve and are not constant, so don’t take them as a drawn line on the rock. There are no listed methods or plans you can execute every time to get the tree of your business growing. This is why brand-new strategies have to be formed by the business masters.

Maybe the strategies that most of the specialists delivered in 2020 will work in 2021 also or maybe they won’t. No one knows. But what should be known is the trend of social media marketing and the primary goal of it. One can play around with trends and reserve the already earned audience and can even increase the size by two times or more. So without any further delay let’s know what are those 4 social media marketing strategies to look for in 2020

  • Be a Hawkeye in Understanding Social Media Trends
  • Be a Hawkeye in Understanding Social Media Trends
  • Build Communities To Entice Influencers
  • Video Marketing Will Take the Year 2021 By Storm

1. Be a Hawkeye in Understanding Social Media Trends

According to the statista website, approximately 2.82 billion people are using social media in the year 2019 worldwide and this data is predicted to progress by more than 3 billion by 2021. Social media in the forthcoming age is undoubtedly going to transform the aspect of digital marketing, although it depends upon marketers how they make the best out of it.

A well-honed understanding about which social media handle is a hot topic among the audience at present and how it will help the strategists a lot if rightly put into the work will be something to talk about. Going by judging global social media popularity, Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp are the platforms people love using and prefer to spend time irrespective of others. It has been noticed that Instagram has also joined the race and emerging as the most popular social media handle of the new era.
You know your business very well. Now it is as important to understand which social media is more suitable for your business. See, what brings you closer to the audience. If Facebook works for someone else, it is not mandatory that it will work for you too. Perhaps the least successful handle will do your job here.

Social Media Trends

2. Don’t be Promotive instead Be Communicative

The audience nowadays has become more mature than they ever were. They understand the business now and hidden intention behind it. Everyone knows that selling products and making profit matters for the company a lot and that is why they are involved in many of the promotions but should this be their only purpose to develop an eye towards? I have seen many businesses failing just because they get into the market with the sole intention to promote brands, making it a cash cow and that’s it. That’s the whole gig they think.

Steve Jobs in one of his sessions said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” Brand promotion is all about customer engagement. If you know your customers well, your customers will start knowing your brand all by themselves. This is the approach of a business and this would be the prominent approach in coming years for marketers. Talk to your customers, take their opinion seriously and communicate to them individually as much as you can. Don’t limit yourself only to promote business, be communicative also.

3. Build Communities To Entice Influencers

Influencer’s advice leaves a lasting impact on the audience. According to the reports, 46% of consumers believe in purchasing the products or services believing their family members while 45% of them consider the opinion of their friends. People trust in the advertisement more if they get the recommendation of it from the one they know. No one wants to believe what you are saying because being the marketer of your own brand, you cannot speak ill about your own products. They believe when they hear about your products from others, the actual users. They understand them because they are them.

Influencers offer great benefits to the brands. Try understanding this way, your family or friends have used a particular hair shampoo and are not quite impressed with the results as what it promised to make hair shinier and smoother. On the other hand, you see that a well-known celebrity face endorsing the brand and promoting that shampoo claiming that only one application will leave your hair smooth like a feather. Will you still buy that shampoo? No way.

Build Communities To Entice Influencers

4. Video Marketing Will Take the Year 2021 By Storm

Have you ever wondered why the viral video instantly gets popular as compared to any viral news article? It is because people like to watch rather than involving themselves in reading. According to the Statista survey, 85% of US citizen, almost the entire nation likes to watch videos on the internet. This is why the idea of setting smart classes in schools comes into play. People instead of reading long articles prefer to see someone talking about the same topic for 3 to 4 minutes.

Hence, video marketing in the year 2021 will capture more market for brands. Many of the labels are already on platforms like Youtube and likewise sharing short videos on Facebook and Instagram. They are understanding the market course and social media marketing trend more precisely. They will soon be on platforms like Tiktok which has taken the market and particularly the Indian market by storm. Welcome the new slogan to call out in 2021.

These are the social media strategies every marketer should be looking for in 2021. But again, as I said earlier, do not take these strategies for granted. They tend to change and they will definitely change. What you as being a business strategist should do is to keep up with market trends. Remember that social media marketing strategies are not a drawn line on the rock.

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