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Preamble of Indian Constitution: Keywords, Objective & Significance

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What is a Preamble?

An introductory statement in a document which describes the objective and philosophy of document is known as a Preamble.

A preamble of the constitution presents the objective of its framers, the history behinds its formation, the principals and fundamental values of the nations.

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Importance of Preamble of Indian Constitution:

Preamble to the constitution of India gives brief idea of following objects:

  • Source of our Indian constitution
  • Nature of the Indian states
  • Date of its adoption
  • Statement of its objective  

History of Preamble of Indian Constitution

  • The principles behind the Preamble of Indian Constitution were placed by Jawaharlal Nehru’s Objectives Resolution which was accepted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd January 1947.
  • Although the preamble to the constitution is not enforceable in court, it states the main aim or principles of constitution

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Keywords in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution

  • We, the people of India
  • Sovereign
  • Socialist
  • Secular
  • Democratic
  • Republic
  • Justice
  • Liberty
  • Equality
  • Fraternity

Meaning of Keywords in the preamble

Sovereign: The term “Sovereign” means India is totally a freely and independent nation and the Legislature of Indian holds the power for enacting laws in the country.

Socialist: The term “Socialist” means the accomplishment of socialist ends through democratic customs.

Secular: The word “Secular” indicates that all religions have equal protection, support, and respect from the state.

Democratic: “Democratic” means the Constitution made a form of government which is by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Republic: The word Republic means that the head of the state will be elected by the people of the india

Justice: The word “Justice” holds three forms: economic, social and political through fundamental provisions and Directive principles.

Liberty: The terms “Liberty” explains the liberty of thought, expression, worship, belief and faith. It also provides freedom from despotism, slavery and discrimination,

Equality: The team “Equality” is used to provide the equal opportunities and status to all the people of our country.

Fraternity: The Term Fraternity promotes the feeling of brotherhood.

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Significance of Preamble of Indian Constitution

The meaning and significance of the Preamble is indicated by its components.

  • The terms sovereign, secular, democratic, socialist, republic indicates the nature of Indian states.
  • The principles of liberty, equality, justice indicates the objectives of the constitution for the citizens of the nation.
  • The Preamble of Indian constitution encourages fraternity to maintain the integrity and unity of the nation.
  • The Preamble to the Indian constitution also states the date on which the constitution was adopted i.e. 26th November 1949

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