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A Solutions Architect is designing an application that will encrypt all data in an Amazon Redshift cluster. Which action will encrypt the data at rest?
A website experiences unpredictable traffic. During peak traffic times, the database is unable to keep up with the write request. Which AWS service will help decouple the web application from the database?
"A legacy application needs to interact with local storage using iSCSI. A team needs to design a reliable storage solution to provision all new storage on AWS.
Which storage solution meets the legacy application requirements?
"A Solutions Architect is designing an architecture for a mobile gaming application. The application is expected to be very popular. The Architect needs to prevent
the Amazon RDS MySQL database from becoming a bottleneck due to frequently accessed queries.
Which service or feature should the Architect add to prevent a bottleneck?
"A company is launching an application that it expects to be very popular. The company needs a database that can scale with the rest of the application. The
schema will change frequently. The application cannot afford any downtime for database changes.
Which AWS service allows the company to achieve these objectives?"
"A Solution Architect is designing a disaster recovery solution for a 5 TB Amazon Redshift cluster. The recovery site must be at least 500 miles (805 kilometers)
from the live site.
How should the Architect meet these requirements?
"A customer has written an application that uses Amazon S3 exclusively as a data store. The application works well until the customer increases the rate at which
the application is updating information. The customer now reports that outdated data occasionally appears when the application accesses objects in Amazon S3.
What could be the problem, given that the application logic is otherwise correct?"
"A customer has written an application that uses Amazon S3 exclusively as a data store. The application works well until the customer increases the rate at which
the application is updating information. The customer now reports that outdated data occasionally appears when the application accesses objects in Amazon S3.
What could be the problem, given that the application logic is otherwise correct?"
"A Solutions Architect is designing a new social media application. The application must provide a secure method for uploading profile photos. Each user should
be able to upload a profile photo into a shared storage location for one week after their profile is created.
Which approach will meet all of these requirements?
"An application requires block storage for file updates. The data is 500 GB and must continuously sustain 100 MiB/s of aggregate read/write operations.
Which storage option is appropriate for this application?
"A mobile application serves scientific articles from individual files in an Amazon S3 bucket. Articles older than 30 days are rarely read. Articles older than 60
days no longer need to be available through the application, but the application owner would like to keep them for historical purposes. Which cost-effective solution BEST meets these requirements?
"An organization is currently hosting a large amount of frequently accessed data consisting of key-value pairs and semi-structured documents in their data center.
They are planning to move this data to AWS. Which of one of the following services MOST effectively meets their needs?"
"A Lambda function must execute a query against an Amazon RDS database in a private subnet.
Which steps are required to allow the Lambda function to access the Amazon RDS database? (Select two.)"
"A Solutions Architect needs to build a resilient data warehouse using Amazon Redshift. The Architect needs to rebuild the Redshift cluster in another region.
Which approach can the Architect take to address this requirement?"
"A popular e-commerce application runs on AWS. The application encounters performance issues. The database is unable to handle the amount of queries and
load during peak times. The database is running on the RDS Aurora engine on the largest instance size available.
What should an administrator do to improve performance?
"A Solutions Architect is designing the architecture for a new three-tier web-based e-commerce site that must be available 24/7. Requests are expected to range
from 100 to 10,000 each minute. Usage can vary depending on time of day, holidays, and promotions. The design should be able to handle these volumes, with
the ability to handle higher volumes if necessary. How should the Architect design the architecture to ensure the web tier is cost-optimized and can handle the
expected traffic? (Select two.)"
"A Solution Architect is designing a three-tier web application. The Architect wants to restrict access to the database tier to accept traffic from the application
servers only. However, these application servers are in an Auto Scaling group and may vary in quantity.
How should the Architect configure the database servers to meet the requirements?
"An Internet-facing multi-tier web application must be highly available. An ELB Classic Load Balancer is deployed in front of the web tier. Amazon EC2 instances
at the web application tier are deployed evenly across two Availability Zones. The database is deployed using RDS Multi-AZ. A NAT instance is launched for
Amazon EC2 instances and database resources to access the Internet. These instances are not assigned with public IP addresses. Which component poses a
potential single point of failure in this architecture?
"A call center application consists of a three-tier application using Auto Scaling groups to automatically scale resources as needed. Users report that every
morning at 9:00 AM the system becomes very slow for about 15 minutes. A Solution Architect determines that a large percentage of the call center staff starts
work at 9:00 AM, so Auto Scaling does not have enough time to scale out to meet demand.
How can the Architect fix the problem?
"An e-commerce application is hosted in AWS. The last time a new product was launched, the application experienced a performance issue due to an enormous
spike in traffic. Management decided that capacity must be doubled the week after the product is launched.
Which is the MOST efficient way for management to ensure that capacity requirements are met?
A customer owns a simple API for their website that receives about 1,000 requests each day and has an average response time of 50 ms. It is currently hosted on one c4.large instance. Which changes to the architecture will provide high availability at the LOWEST cost?
"A Solution Architect is designing an application that uses Amazon EBS volumes. The volumes must be backed up to a different region. How should the Architect
meet this requirement?
"A company is using an Amazon S3 bucket located in us-west-2 to serve videos to their customers. Their customers are located all around the world and the
videos are requested a lot during peak hours. Customers in Europe complain about experiencing slow downloaded speeds, and during peak hours, customers in
all locations report experiencing HTTP 500 errors. What can a Solutions Architect do to address these issues?"
"A Solutions Architect is designing a solution that includes a managed VPN connection. To monitor whether the VPN connection is up or down, the Architect
should use:
"A social networking portal experiences latency and throughput issues due to an increased number of users. Application servers use very large datasets from an
Amazon RDS database, which creates a performance bottleneck on the database.
Which AWS service should be used to improve performance?
"A Solutions Architect is designing network architecture for an application that has compliance requirements. The application will be hosted on Amazon EC2
instances in a private subnet and will be using Amazon S3 for storing data. The compliance requirements mandate that the data cannot traverse the public
What is the MOST secure way to satisfy this requirement?
"Developers are creating a new online transaction processing (OLTP) application for a small database that is very read-write intensive. A single table in the
database is updated continuously throughout the day, and the developers want to ensure that the database performance is consistent.
Which Amazon EBS storage option will achieve the MOST consistent performance to help maintain application performance?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a log-processing solution that requires storage that supports up to 500 MB/s throughput. The data is sequentially accessed by
an Amazon EC2 instance. Which Amazon storage type satisfies these requirements?
"A company's development team plans to create an Amazon S3 bucket that contains millions of images. The team wants to maximize the read performance of
Amazon S3.
Which naming scheme should the company use?"
"A Solutions Architect needs to design a solution that will enable a security team to detect, review, and perform root cause analysis of security incidents that occur
in a cloud environment. The Architect must provide a centralized view of all API events for current and future AWS regions. How should the Architect
accomplish this task?"
A company has a legacy application using a proprietary file system and plans to migrate the application to AWS. Which storage service should the company use?
"A company plans to use AWS for all new batch processing workloads. The company's developers use Docker containers for the new batch processing. The
system design must accommodate critical and non-critical batch processing workloads 24/7.
How should a Solutions Architect design this architecture in a cost-efficient manner?"
"A company is evaluating Amazon S3 as a data storage solution for their daily analyst reports. The company has implemented stringent requirements concerning
the security of the data at rest. Specifically, the CISO asked for the use of envelope encryption with separate permissions for the use of an envelope key,
automated rotation of the encryption keys, and visibility into when an encryption key was used and by whom.
Which steps should a Solutions Architect take to satisfy the security requirements requested by the CISO?"
"A customer has a production application that frequently overwrites and deletes data, the application requires the most up-to-date version of the data every time it
is requested. Which storage should a Solutions Architect recommend to bet accommodate this use case?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a photo application on AWS. Every time a user uploads a photo to Amazon S3, the Architect must insert a new item to a
DynamoDB table.
Which AWS-managed service is the BEST fit to insert the item?
"An application relies on messages being sent and received in order. The volume will never exceed more than 300 transactions each second. Which service
should be used?"
"A Solutions Architect is designing an application on AWS that uses persistent block storage. Data must be encrypted at rest.
Which solution meets the requirement?
"A company is launching a static website using the zone apex ( The company wants to use Amazon Route 53 for DNS. Which steps should the
company perform to implement a scalable and cost-effective solution? (Choose two.)"
"A manufacturing company captures data from machines running at customer sites. Currently, thousands of machines send data every 5 minutes, and this is
expected to grow to hundreds of thousands of machines in the near future. The data is logged with the intent to be analyzed in the future as needed.
What is the SIMPLEST method to store this streaming data at scale?"
"A bank is writing new software that is heavily dependent upon the database transactions for write consistency. The application will also occasionally generate
reports on data in the database, and will do joins across multiple tables. The database must automatically scale as the amount of data grows. Which AWS
service should be used to run the database?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a new application that needs to access data in a different AWS account located within the same region. The data must not be
accessed over the Internet.
Which solution will meet these requirements with the LOWEST cost?"
"A Solutions Architect is designing a mobile application that will capture receipt images to track expenses. The Architect wants to store the images on Amazon
S3. However, uploading images through the web server will create too much traffic.
What is the MOST efficient method to store images from a mobile application on Amazon S3?"
"A company requires that the source, destination, and protocol of all IP packets be recorded when traversing a private subnet.
What is the MOST secure and reliable method of accomplishing this goal."
"A Solutions Architect has a multi-layer application running in Amazon VPC. The application has an ELB Classic Load Balancer as the front end in a public
subnet, and an Amazon EC2-based reverse proxy that performs content-based routing to two backend Amazon EC2 instances hosted in a private subnet. The
Architect sees tremendous traffic growth and is concerned that the reverse proxy and current backend set up will be insufficient. Which actions should the
Architect take to achieve a cost-effective solution that ensures the application automatically scales to meet traffic demand? (Select two.)"
"A company is launching a marketing campaign on their website tomorrow and expects a significant increase in traffic. The website is designed as a multi-tiered
web architecture, and the increase in traffic could potentially overwhelm the current design.
What should a Solutions Architect do to minimize the effects from a potential failure in one or more of the tiers?
"A web application experiences high compute costs due to serving a high amount of static web content. How should the web server architecture be designed to be
the MOST cost-efficient?
"A Solutions Architect plans to migrate NAT instances to NAT gateway. The Architect has NAT instances with scripts to manage high availability.
What is the MOST efficient method to achieve similar high availability with NAT gateway?"
"A Solutions Architect is designing a solution to store a large quantity of event data in Amazon S3. The Architect anticipates that the workload will consistently
exceed 100 requests each second.
What should the Architect do in Amazon S3 to optimize performance?"
"A user is testing a new service that receives location updates from 3,600 rental cars every hour.
Which service will collect data and automatically scale to accommodate production workload?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a web application. The web and application tiers need to access the Internet, but they cannot be accessed from the Internet.
Which of the following steps is required?"
"An application stack includes an Elastic Load Balancer in a public subnet, a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group, and an Amazon RDS
MySQL cluster. Users connect to the application from the Internet. The application servers and database must be secure.
How should a Solutions Architect perform this task?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a solution for a media company that will stream large amounts of data from an Amazon EC2 instance. The data streams are
typically large and sequential, and must be able to support up to 500 MB/s.
Which storage type will meet the performance requirements of this application?
"A legacy application running in premises requires a Solutions Architect to be able to open a firewall to allow access to several Amazon S3 buckets. The Architect
has a VPN connection to AWS in place. How should the Architect meet this requirement?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a database solution that must support a high rate of random disk reads and writes. It must provide consistent performance, and
requires long-term persistence. Which storage solution BEST meets these requirements?"
A Solutions Architect is designing solution with AWS Lambda where different environments require different database passwords. What should the Architect do to accomplish this in a secure and scalable way?
"A news organization plans to migrate their 20 TB video archive to AWS. The files are rarely accessed, but when they are, a request is made in advance and a 3
to 5-hour retrieval time frame is acceptable. However, when there is a breaking news story, the editors require access to archived footage within minutes.
Which storage solution meets the needs of this organization while providing the LOWEST cost of storage?"
"A Solutions Architect is building a multi-tier website. The web servers will be in a public subnet, and the database servers will be in a private subnet. Only the
web servers can be accessed from the Internet. The database servers must have Internet access for software updates.
Which solution meets the requirements?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a Lambda function that calls an API to list all running Amazon RDS instances. How should the request be authorized?
"A Solutions Architect is building an application on AWS that will require 20,000 IOPS on a particular volume to support a media event. Once the event ends, the
IOPS need is no longer required. The marketing team asks the Architect to build the platform to optimize storage without incurring downtime.
How should the Architect design the platform to meet these requirements?
"A Solutions Architect is building a new feature using a Lambda to create metadata when a user uploads a picture to Amazon S3. All metadata must be indexed.
Which AWS service should the Architect use to store this metadata?
An interactive, dynamic website runs on Amazon EC2 instances in a single subnet behind an ELB Classic Load Balancer. Which design changes will make the site more highly available?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a web application that is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. The application stores data in DynamoDB. The Architect needs
to secure access to the DynamoDB table.
What combination of steps does AWS recommend to achieve secure authorization? (Select two.)"
"A Solutions Architect is about to deploy an API on multiple EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group behind an ELB. The support team has the following
operational requirements: 1 They get an alert when the requests per second go over 50,000
2 They get an alert when latency goes over 5 seconds
3 They can validate how many times a day users call the API requesting highly-sensitive data
Which combination of steps does the Architect need to take to satisfy these operational requirements? (Select two.)"
"A Solutions Architect is designing a highly-available website that is served by multiple web servers hosted outside of AWS. If an instance becomes
unresponsive, the Architect needs to remove it from the rotation.
What is the MOST efficient way to fulfill this requirement?"
"A company hosts a popular web application. The web application connects to a database running in a private VPC subnet. The web servers must be accessible
only to customers on an SSL connection. The RDS MySQL database server must be accessible only from the web servers.
How should the Architect design a solution to meet the requirements without impacting running applications?"
Which service should an organization use if it requires an easily managed and scalable platform to host its web application running on Nginx?
"An Administrator is hosting an application on a single Amazon EC2 instance, which users can access by the public hostname. The administrator is adding a
second instance, but does not want users to have to decide between many public hostnames.
Which AWS service will decouple the users from specific Amazon EC2 instances?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a microservices-based application using Amazon ECS. The application includes a WebSocket component, and the traffic
needs to be distributed between microservices based on the URL.
Which service should the Architect choose to distribute the workload?
"A Solutions Architect is designing a VPC. Instances in a private subnet must be able to establish IPv6 traffic to the Internet. The design must scale automatically
and not incur any additional cost.
This can be accomplished with:

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