AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Dumps

Take AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exam Preparation Kit Test

1. Amazon SWF is designed to help users____.
2. Can I control if and when MySQL based RDS Instance is upgraded to new supported versions?
3. What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?
4. "True or False: When using IAM to control access to your RDS resources, the key names that can be used are case
For example, aws:CurrentTime is NOT equivalent to AWS:currenttime."
5. What will be the status of the snapshot until the snapshot is complete.
6. Can we attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?
7. True or False: Automated backups are enabled by default for a new DB Instance.
8. What does the AWS Storage Gateway provide?
9. Amazon RDS automated backups and DB Snapshots are currently supported for only the ____ storage engine.
10. How many relational database engines does RDS currently support?
11. Fill in the blanks: The base URI for all requests for instance metadata is ____.
12. While creating the snapshots using the command line tools, which command should I be using?
13. "Typically, you want your application to check whether a request generated an error before you spend any time processing
The easiest way to find out if an error occurred is to look for an ____ node in the response from the Amazon RDS API."
14. What are the two types of licensing options available for using Amazon RDS for Oracle?
15. What does a "Domain" refer to in Amazon SWF?
16. EBS Snapshots occur ____.
17. Disabling automated backups ____ disable the point-in-time recovery.
18. "Out of the stripping options available for the EBS volumes, which one has the following disadvantage:
'Doubles the amount of I/O required from the instance to EBS compared to RAID 0, because you're mirroring all writes to a pair of
volumes, limiting how much you can stripe.'?"
19. Is creating a Read Replica of another Read Replica supported?
20. Can Amazon S3 uploads resume on failure or do they need to restart?
21. Which of the following cannot be used in Amazon EC2 to control who has access to specific Amazon EC2 instances?
22. "Fill in the blanks: ____ let you categorize your EC2 resources in different ways, for example, by purpose, owner, or
23. How can I change the security group membership for interfaces owned by other AWS, such as Elastic Load Balancing?
24. What is the maximum write throughput I can provision for a single Dynamic DB table?
25. "What does the following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups?
26. Can a 'user' be associated with multiple AWS accounts?
27. True or False: Manually created DB Snapshots are deleted after the DB Instance is deleted.
28. What happens to the data on an instance if the instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally)?
29. How many types of block devices does Amazon EC2 support?
30. Provisioned IOPS Costs: you are charged for the IOPS and storage whether or not you use them in a given month.
31. "IAM provides several policy templates you can use to automatically assign permissions to the groups you create. The
____ policy template gives the Admins group permission to access all account resources, except your AWS account
32. While performing the volume status checks, if the status is insufficient-data, what does it mean?
33. "IAM's Policy Evaluation Logic always starts with a default ____ for every request, except for those that use the AWS
account's root security credentials by default."
34. "By default, when an EBS volume is attached to a Windows instance, it may show up as any drive letter on the instance.
You can change the settings of the ____ Service to set the drive letters of the EBS volumes per your specifications."
35. For each DB Instance class, what is the maximum size of associated storage capacity?
36. SQL Server ____ store logins and passwords in the master database.
37. What is Oracle SQL Developer?
38. Does Amazon RDS allow direct host access via Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), or Windows Remote Desktop Connection?
39. "To view information about an Amazon EBS volume, open the Amazon EC2 console at, click ____ in the Navigation pane."
40. Using Amazon IAM, can I give permission based on organizational groups?
41. While creating the snapshots using the API, which Action should I be using?
42. What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?
43. "While signing in REST/ Query requests, for additional security, you should transmit your requests using Secure Sockets
Layer (SSL) by using ____."
44. What happens to the I/O operations while you take a database snapshot?
45. Read Replicas require a transactional storage engine and are only supported for the ____ storage engine.
46. When running my DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, can I use the standby for read or write operations?
47. When should I choose Provisioned IOPS over Standard RDS storage?
48. "In the 'Detailed' monitoring data available for your Amazon EBS volumes, Provisioned IOPS volumes automatically send
____ minute metrics to Amazon CloudWatch."
49. "What is the minimum charge for the data transferred between Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 Instances in the same
Availability Zone?"
50. Are Reserved Instances available for Multi-AZ Deployments?

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