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How to Write an Article in Simple Steps?

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What is an Article Writing?

An Article is a piece of your thoughts written for a big number of audiences.  People having desire to bring some change in the society, write their thoughts. It could be on any latest topic, news. The major objective of publishing an article on the journals, newspapers and magazines is to give people a clear understanding about the particular topic.

But what is the format of writing a letter? We all know that lakhs of people write their thoughts but how to make sure that your writing is more attractive to the audience? How to write an article? What is an Article Format?

All above questions must have come in your mind if you are a writer and want to write your opinions on a specific topic. So, The Tech Learn has written this blog on how to write an article for a newspaper or a magazine to clear all your doubts.

Steps of how to write an article with example –

Choose Your Topics:

Before writing an article, you must have a clear vision on the topic which you are going to write because when you have strong understanding about the topic then only you can write an impressive article format

Focus on The Audience Needs:

You are writing for your audience so it is very essential to check what your target audience exactly needs. Image on your mind and think like a reader. For example: If you are reader what will you want? What are the topics you want to study about? Keep all things on your mind then start writing an article.


Now you have decided your topic and targeted your audience. Now it’s time to do some research about your selected topic. Go through some reference links. Check what your competitors has written. Explore the trending topics which people are searching.

Prepare a Draft:

After gathering all the required information, make a draft of your article. Check from a user’s side that how useful it is looking after reading. Revise the full article and see if there’s any grammatical or other mistake. Read twice before publishing it.

Once you are satisfied with your writing, share your articles with your friends and closed and see their reactions.

What is an Article Format?

Your article format should be correct as it plays an important role on gaining readers attention. Our expert has made a basic framework for an article format.

1. Heading/Title

A clear Heading/Title of your article

2. Body

Body of your article which is considered to be the main part of your article should contain 2-3 paragraphs

3. User Friendly Content

Make sure the content should be written in a user-friendly way.

4. Author’s Name

Writing author’s name builds more trust of the audience

5. Conclusion

Writing conclusion at the end is the best way to tell the summary of your article.

Do Not Dare to Do These Common Mistakes while article writing format

  • Not having any similar cases, quotes or Facts.
  • Using very formal language.
  • Not using the paragraphs or bullet points.
  • Harsh or rude language.
  • Forcing audience to agree with your opinion.


This article on how to write an article writing is to make you learn about the article writing format, do’s and don’ts while writing an article. We are hoping that from today onwards whenever you write an article, you will keep all the points on your mind.  In future we will share more info about latest happenings and useful data for you to read so be in touch with The Tech Learn.

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